Sunday, December 05, 2010

Weekend well spent

OK, let´s start with what I got from Sinterklaas: A DVD from La Linea, who does remember this angry little man drawn out off one line? I loved him as a kids and now you can buy all his adventures on DVD. I also got a quilt needle protector and a book to make jewellery out of candy. And all these goodies were packed in this wonderful mushroom.
Yesterday Sinterklaas visited the house of my PIL´s, so all the gandchilden gathered and also a cousin of DH with his family, she is the little girls, as our fa,mily only produced boys until now.

The kids loved his visit and were very impressed with SInterklaas´knowledge about things that happened recently. So last night they spent playing with all their toys.

That is why this morning we went out for a walk on the beach in Katwijk. Where there was still a bit of snow on the beach.
But as you can see, warm is something different, it was very cold, so after half an hour everybody was ready to go back inside.
So with Sinterklaas going back to Spain after tonight we can start preparing for Christmas. Time flies when you are having fun...

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