Sunday, April 03, 2011

Relaxed weekend

Saturday was the first real sunny saturday, temperatures were above 20 degrees Celius so we went to the beach with the kids. They loved it. This is a pic when we just arrived because soon, they were all soaking wet...
The weather was so good that grandpa took son#2 for a ride in the Vett, and as you can see, safety first, son #2 has a helmet with goggles.

Today when we drove back home we decided to make a detour and stop at a local ice cream place where they make fresh icecream and creme fresh frome their own cows. So you can visit the cows after you have your ice cream or wafel with wiped cream... yummie!

I told DH that we should take a vacation on the farm as the kids love the cows.

A weekend well spent, not much time for crafting, have been busy drawing a new cross stitch pattern together with son #1 and 2.

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