Sunday, March 27, 2011

son #2 turned 5

Yesterday son #2 had his birthday for his friends in Jobland. A great indoor playground for smaller kids. The entertainment is fun and the people do their best to take all the work out of your hands. The kids loved the place and had a great time.
This morning we went to the Zoo, OK teh weather was not great, but we had a nice walk and could see all the improvements they are doing for the new season.
After we came home, the grandparents visited us and offcourse there was cake, but since son #2 doesn´t like cakes and loves wafels, he got some wafels with candles.

And this is what I made for his class tomorrow,since he is in the Bee class, I thought I would make cake pops in the shape of bees. It turned out to be much harder than it looked, especially sine the eadible stift I bought to draw the eyes and mouth didn´t work after one bee.

i hope the kids see bees in them.

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