Sunday, July 24, 2011


We had an uneventful weekend, after a couple of weekends that were very busy, we had a nice and quite weekend. Although quite... the kids were very loud and in a crawling mood, so that was not OK. I tried to finish the binding on my start quilt as you can see on the pic.

Yesterday we went to one of the biggest markets in Antwerp for some vegetables and fruits. We always have a sort of pancake with goatcheese and honey at one of the local Maroccan stands and afterwards the kids get waffles and fruits. And while waiting at one of the stand, DH asked me where son #3 was. One moment ago he was standing next to me and the next he was gone.
We said that the boys had to wait at the stand and DH and I went both in a direction to search, but nothing. And I was just about to call the police when a lady asked if I was looking for a little boy... She saw him playing at the stairs, so I hurried back and saw DH on the way, and luckily there he was at the other end of the market. A gentleman thought it was strange that he was playing unaccompanied, but also didnt know what to do. So my heart started beating again...
Son #3 was not impressed...

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