Friday, July 15, 2011

Wildlife encounter

I took the kids for lunch and we saw a circus that is visiting our town. We live in a town near Antwerp city and I told the boys that we could have a look at the tigers and elephants, since they made the news when the elephants escaped and were wandering in a corn field nearby.
So as we walked over to the tigers we saw that the giraf was very close to the road, and I know that there is no fence between the field and the raod, so we had a look and the giraf was standing next to the road, so we decided to go back home and get the camera and take a picture.

When we arrived back, a member of the circus staff was with the animal so we took some pictures and son #1 even tried to feed it, but it was not interested, we should have brought some bananas. It made a big impression to stand so close to the animal, wow, there is a big difference if you know that there is no fence in between you and this creature, but this is how memories are built...

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