Monday, August 22, 2011

Krimml Falls

Today we visited the Krimml Wasserfall. When we drove up to the falls we drove pass a forest where there were 2 big male deer. As they saw the car they ran away, but I have never seen the big males this close to houses. The small bambi like deer you see a lot, but the big Hubertus ones, wow...
My dad, DH and son #1 climbed the falls, and I stayed down with the other kids. We visited the visitorcenter.

As the weather is very hot overhere, we had days with 34°C at 1700 m, a hat is not a luxery. But the waterspray from the falls gave a nice cooldown effect.

I took the kids in a Kneipp bath... the wellness lovers under us know this. First you submerse your arms into icecold water for a better bloodcirculatio, and then you walk around in a small artifical lake with stones... Let me tell you... do people pay for this?

But we found some lizards in the water, as you can see, the kids loved them, so I had to get a couple of them for all the kids, as they all wanted to touch them.

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