Saturday, August 20, 2011

Last week update

We didn´t have internet connection at our last appartment, but now that we arrived at our new accomodation, we have internet again. We have had a busy week, so I will just give a short update.

1. Looking for gold in a small creek; 2. son #1 on the witch ride, which is a small seat connected to a line along the longest suspension bridge of the alps (175 m); 3. The Reiseck bahn, a small train that takes you up the mountain on a 82% inclination; 4. The cross on top of a local mountain where we had a picknick and had to flee for a thunderstorm; 5. a deer we encountered in a wild life park; 6. Son #3 hacking for granates, we found quite a lot of good quality and the kids, and especially me had a great afternoon hacking for granates; 7. a Murmeltier, a local marmot that lives in the Alps, we encountered them twice; 8. Drinking for fresh mountain water on our way to Grosglockner, Austria´s higest mountain; 9. Me and the kids at the Kaiser F. Jozef lookout, overseeing the gletser of the Grosglockner.

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