Thursday, January 05, 2012

Day of the big race

So today was the day of the big races. Anne was up first, so we had a look at her race. The two small ones were more interested in the abyss they were facing.

Anne did great in her slalom race, as she and only a few others were allowed to do slalom and the smaller ones did only a ´downhill´ race.

After lunch the two boys were up, but the wind picked up and a small snow storm started, so it was quite cold to stand there but the boys enjoyed every minute of it.

Son #2 had a bit of difficulty on the lift as the boy next to him fell of it and he could barely hang on, but he managed until the place were they were supposed to leave.

Son #2 starting his slalom, he did great as he was the second smallest and the youngest of the group. He was the only one that didn´t need a skipass as he is only 5.

Son #1 did very good, he skied very well. Again, he was one of the youngest of the group.

Son #2 became 4th, a very good job, very well done.

Son #1 turned 3rd. Again, a very good performance. We are very proud of all 3 kids, they did very well under very hard conditions.

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