Friday, January 06, 2012

Last day

This was the sight we met this morning when we woke up, the path to the door was completely snowed in. So we started shoffling this morning at 6.30 to make sure that the baker could reach us for our bread.

Next was our car... Yes, there is a car underneath that pile of snow.

Then, there was time to play, so we all went out to engage in snowball fights, and an occasional nosedive in the snow.

The guy that cleanes our path now and then left his snow machine before our door, it turned out that a belt broke and he had to repair it.

As you can see, snow fun all day until it got dark. At the moment the kids are in bed and
everything is packed in the car, so we are ready to leave in the morning.

So, this is our last family picture. We had a great time, a wonderfull and relaxed holiday. And yes, I crocheted all those vikings hats.

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