Saturday, March 31, 2012

bye bye

Today our au pair left our family to endeavour new projects in her life. She was a major addition to our family. The boys and us will miss her. The boys made drawings on fabric and I also printed a picture of them and made a quilt out off all the material. I think she really liked it.
The boys were spoiled with gifts and for us she made a great photobook of all the things she did with the boys, really appreciate that, it is a great memory, also for the boys later.
Yesterday evening she invited us and our parents for a German BBQ, which was yummy, all sorts of German goodies. We all had a wonderful diner. And this afternoon lunch since we had so much left :-).
By the time I write this I think is will be home with stories of us to tell to her family. How time flies...


  1. What a lovely present! A good au pair is worth their weight in gold.

  2. You said it spot on. How true, they truely are.


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