Monday, March 12, 2012

Son #1 birthday

Saturday, we had son#1´s birthday party in pirateneiland, an indoor playground in Antwerp. he invited some friends to celebrate with him and they had a great time.
yesterday we went to visit a cousin of mine who lives in Limburg, where they celebrate Halfvasten, so we visited the corso. The kids came back with bags full of candy, cookies and evensome toys...

Yes, that yellow bag was filled with goodies at the end of the afternoon.

And since son #1 doesn´t like fancy cakes, we made him an improvised donut cake with candles.

Then, this morning it was time to celebrate his birthday at school and as you can see,he enjoyed every minute of it. I made a regular cake and a rainbow one, but I forgot to take pics.

Again, one year older and hopefully wiser. Enjoy!

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