Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ferry opening

Today, the ferry between Lillo and Doel opened for business. It s a free ferry that connects the two last villages in the harbour of Antwerp. So we had a look and took the ferry to Doel.

For the boys the small boat ride was awesome as you pass one of the biggest container terminals and other chemical companies. Doel is home to a large nuclear power plant.
But one of the sad things is that Doel is no without inhabitants, the village was the subject of many problems between the inhabitants an the city of Antwerp. And finally, they demanded that eveyone left, so it is sort of a ghost town where only a few people remain.
The feery was cold, but when we were back in Lillo, the kids had pancakes and we had a lovely supper in one of the local pubs.
Finally, we took a stroll back to the car. And as you can see, it was low tide...

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