Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lentefeest son #1

 This backpack was sent by Marie, our former au pair. Nic took his bicycle and went over to the postoffice to collect it, and he loves it. It is a really cool backpack, so he will use it often, I think. Thanks Marie.

This is a pic of the boys yesterday, before the party and they were just dressed. So I took a quick picture to prove that the boys can look clean with clean clothes, LOL.

 We ordered a cake from a local backery that is closing this year as the couple that runs it dont have successors. But the cake was wonderful as always. Everybody loved it and the minor spelling mistake is OK. Great cake.
Everybody ate well, the BBQ stayed on until 19.30 and then the meat was all gone, so with 15 kg of meat, I think it was a great BBQ.

 The guys took care of the bouncing cushion as we had to bring it back before midnight.
This morning a wonderful surprise for me, as they boys made me presents for motherdays. They also bought me a present, a set to make macrons. So I will defintely have a try to make macrons.

 And this afternoon I made some pictures to give to son #1 schoolfriends. I got the idea for pinterest, here is the link.
So looking back at the weekend, we had a great party for son #1, he loved all his presents, he was very happy with all the friends and family that took time to visit his party.
I had a lovely mother day, nice persents the kids made and hubbie is now putting the kids in bath and afterwards in bed... Is there more:

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  1. Anonymous7:05 PM

    Hi my "new-old-family".
    As I can see, Nic wsa really satisfied with his new backpack. We wish him all the best. Have fun with your backback, NIC.
    Greetings from Marie and Steffen


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