Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thomas in Holland

Today we visited Thomas at the Spoorwegmuseum in Utrecht. Son #3 has an amazing day, we took the train to the museum and then we started on our adventure through all the trains looking for Thomas.

We found Emily, Henry, but finally, there was Thomas. Son #3 waited patiently his turn to go inside Thomas with the engineer, wow... Is there more in a 3-year old s life?

Maybe, when we walked back we encountered the conductor, and he was happy to have his picture taken with son #3.

The other boys also liked the museum, but for our youngest, it was a dream come true.

So after a funfilled day with Thomas, we drove to the boat, and as the sun was still shining, the kids wanted to play with the little dingy, no problem, lifejeacket on, and there you go. Well, wait until you see the pic below... I couldnt stop laughing.

Son #3 managed to fall in the water of the harbour and my best guess is that the water is about 8°C, so not very warm... No the boys know why we always insist on wearing life jackets.

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