Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today we  visited the farm festivities in Kalmthout. Around noon, it was not very crowded so after visited all the farm animals, we had some panecakes for lunch.

 As you can see, there were a lot of tractors, all oldtimers, there were also lunber sports sponsored by Stihl...

And as you can see, son #2 was ready to protect his pancake... He got this done at a cousins birthdayparty and he looked great.

Then we went to the comic fair, which was just 100 meters further down the street. We were looking for some comics for a friends birthday, and while we were looking for comics, we say that the cartoonist from Suske and Wiske, I guess they are called Bob and Bobette in English, were signing comics, so we qued for some time... about 1,5 hours but then we were able to get our comics signed. Son #1 asked for a Bob drawing in his, and I... that is a surprise for the friends birthday, she will see it on her birthdayparty, I really hope she will like it, but I guess she will.
 It was a great experience, to see the cartoonist draw one of his cartoons so quickly, son #1 was also very impressed. Nice day.

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