Monday, July 23, 2012

Unexpected visitor

Tonight, while we were sitting outside, this little fellow walked through our garden. I picked it up to show to the boys, but saw it was infested with ticks. As we rescued a baby hedgehog before, we still have the tick removers that I bought from the vet I brought it to.

As you can see, removing ticks from a hedgehog is not an easy task. We removed I guess 20 or so, but there are still a couple I want to remove before setting him free again. I cleared his back and his face, but there are still some on his ears and on his feed. But as he was getting fed up, I stopped, but him in a box with hay, water and some cat food.

As you can see, he was all exhausted after the treatment... But I guess he is now resting and eating and tomorrow we will let him go again.

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