Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day at the beach

Today they forcasted a beautiful day, 22°C but no wind, so DH said we would go to the beach, we packed up the kids this morning and left for Zeeland in The Netherlands, it is just an hour and a half, so not that far. We were one of the first at the beach and found a nice spot.

The boys played in the sand and I had time to crochet a bit.

The boys were busy all day, running in the dunes and jumping off them, playing in the water, building sand castles...

This was their bucket with seagoodies. they caught shrimps, little crabs, one really big one, that pinched me as I caught it by hand, and couldnt get it right the first time, some fish, oysters and other clamps.

And as you can see, even a tiny starfish...

The oysters we ate and they were tasty... A day well spent, even if we got sunburned... It was the first sun this summer.

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