Sunday, September 16, 2012

40th birthday party

My friend An and I celebrated our 40th birthday together this weekend with a Roaring twenties party. As you can see, everybody in style. I have no picture of An and I, but once I get them, I will show some more pics of the party. We had a blast. Everybody did their best to dress up, so that added to the great atmosphere.
Fun party, great friends who helped very much and who I want to thank very much, I guess you know who you are, you helped in the kitchen, bar, music, cosmetics, made pics, etc... Thank you so much, you made our party.
And offcourse I also want to thank all our guests, who with their presence made the party come to life.

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  1. heel erg bedankt voor zo'n geweldig weekend. ik vond het eten super, de party was echt super cool en de hele tijd met jullie was echt super. we zien ons bij ons thuis terug ;-)
    M & S


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