Saturday, September 22, 2012


Since we have a swedisch aupair, we endulged ourselves in a local dish. Our aupairs mum was so kind to send us Surströmming, a local delicasse. We were told to open the tin outside, because the odeur that would come out of the can would be undescrible...
So as youc an see, my dad was the brave one and opened the can. I must admit, it was not pleasant, but also not as bad as they made us believe. Lets say that it is a penetrant smell that you get use to...

It turned out to be fermented herring (haring in dutch)... You eat it with mashed potatos, onion, dille, cream fraiche, tomatos and then the Surströmming. The combination is nice, if you are able not to fixate on the smell, it is a nice dish.

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