Sunday, November 11, 2012

Busy weekend

 It started on Friday, when my dad came over and wanted to built the lower part of the table he made for us. I always wanted a big table where more than 8 people could sit on.
And as we didnt find a table that we liked or was big enough, we decided to ask my dad to make us one. So on Friday we spent the better part of the day building the base of the table.
On Friday night I left for friends who live in The Hague as were were going to a spa on Satuerday in Noordwijk, a bit too far to drive on Saturdat morning.
So we had a wonderful day at Azzuro in Noordwijk, great spa, nice treatments, nice lunch, so a fantastic day. The girl did a great job giving le a natural make up.
At night DH and I had a bowling and dinner date withe some fellow students of mine. And I mistakenly had the wrong time in my head... but we had a fun night.

And when I came home, this is what our new table lokks like. DH and my dad finished it, and I am very happy with it. It is definitely big enough to have our annual christmas diner.

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