Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Home sweet home

Yesterday we arrived back home after a 6,5 hours drive. Not bad actually, as it is more than 750 km drive from Berlin. That is the Deutsche autobahn for you, ... go as fast as you want on a couple of parts and no traffic jams...
The kids are very happy with the gifts we got them from the Lego store. And we are happy to be back in one piece. If you want to see more pics, check out My life as Marie.
Today at work I was called by school that son #1 hit his head during gym and his front teeth are loose... They are still loose at the moment and as they were death in the nerves already from a previous fall, I guess they will not last long.
He was picked up by my parents from school and spent a large portion of the afternoon sleeping, so I guess it was quite a hit, but he looked fine zhen I picked him up, no naussea or anything, so I guess he is just a bit sore in the mouth.

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