Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last day in Corfu

So we went to Corfu town with the kids and they saw these fish spas, so we did one with the whole family. We got a private room with these fish tanks and after wahsing our feet, we could put them in the tanks and the fish started nibbeling. I must admit, it is very relaxing, I dont  know what the fish do.... but it feels nice.

Today we visited Aqualand... and the kids loved it. It was very hot, around 43 degrees at midday, but as we were in the shade and with all the water, it was OK.
As DH has an earinfection and cant swim, I had to take the kids in all the slides, and other stuff and mum had to show how is boss, so I went into the  Free Fall, a slide with a 14 m free drop... I did it, it was fun and in the eyes of the boys I am invincible... LOL. And I will enjoy it while it last.

We had a great day, DH and I went into Corfu town tonight to have a last greek coffee as tomorrow we fly back home.

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