Saturday, August 10, 2013


 Today we sailed to a little Island not far from the marina as they expected more wind today.
The boys swam to the Island with all the empty plastic water bottles they have been collecting over the last days and they scavenged the Island for driftwood but found something better, a pallet.
They then spent some time duct taping everything together and made themselves a raft.

And this is the result, they spent the rest of the afternoon waterskiing on their raft.
But around 15.00, the weather turned and the wind picted up, so it was a bit rougher to get back to the marina, but we made it, even after having to turn because a peddle of our dingy went overboard. But we managed to pick it up despite the wind and the waves.
UPDATE - it started raining around 19.00, but you could walk between the raindrops as they barely reached the ground :-)

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