Tuesday, September 24, 2013

NYC - day 4

So day 4 in NYC, our feet are still doing fine, so we  planned on going to Ellis Island, but due to Hurricane Sandy we ended up at Liberty Island.

They view of Manhattan downtown is spectacular from Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty was great to see up close.

After lunch, we walked through Wall Street towards Soho to due some more shopping. E. wanted to go home, so we got her a taxi and we continued to the Empire State Building.

I must admit, I saw the enterence in White Collar, but in real life, the enterance is spectacular. I love Art Deco and this is a wonderful example of that era. Luckily it was not busy, so we didnt have to cue to get up to the 86th floor.

The view is fantastic.

Afterwards, we had diner in Little Italy at Fiat 500, a small restaurant with great pasta.

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