Sunday, September 22, 2013

NYC - day 2

So, this morning we got out of bed early and took off to the Guggenheim. When we arrived there were lines of waiting people so we decided to have a walk in Central Park and when it started to rain , we quickly grabbed a cup of coffee in some cafe.
After a while, because we had a nice talk with a local lady, we visited the Guggenheim, but we were all a bit dissapointed, as there were not many paintings around???

Afterwards we watched a parade to to celebrate the German-American connection and walked towards Grand Central Station. We believe that we have a nice station In Antwerp (and it is!) but Grand Central is also a very nice station to visit.

Then, we had lunch, saw all sorts of landmarks and had diner. A long day with more walking than we anticipated, but we saw a lot.

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