Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Look who arrived today

Look who arrived at our home today. It is Ariel, she was very shy the last time I saw her, but here she is well at ease and wanted to pose for the picture.
Ariel was made by Jill from Miaou and is truely gorgeous. She has a lovely dress with pink roses and the most precious hair.

I also saw on her blog that my pirate arrived at Jill´s and that her boy likes him. So I say this was a great swap. thanks for organizing it Chloe at Mee crafty.


  1. So glad you like her Margy - she was great fun to make!

  2. she is so lovely, and I love the housey pouch (?) behind her too - is that one of yours?

  3. Ahhh shes so pretty!

  4. What a lovely doll! Lucky you.


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