Sunday, June 01, 2008

Buzy weekend

We definitely had a buzy weekend.
On Friday my niece got married, so we attende the wedding, I made her a wedding dottee doll as a present to go with the envelop we gave her. Since she and her husband already were living together, they didn´t really need any presents. I know the picture isn´t great but it was taken in to car on our way to the wedding.

When we arrived home at night, this presnt was waiting for me. I ordered the shoes and the matching fabric box/bag at Blij als mij . The baby shoes are just darling. We´ll see if the baby is a girl... otherwise they aill make a beautiful present for another little girl in the future. I just loved the red polka dots. Aren´t they amazing?

Saturday morning we learned that friends of ours had their first baby, a lovely girl named Suzanne. Good luck to you, Martin en Arina.

On Saturday we also went to the birthday party of Julian, the son of friends of ours turned 2 and had a party, so we drove to Holland to visit him. We had some great ´kibbelingen´ small pieces of fish deepfried. They are great, even our children like them.

And today, I drove my eldest son to grandpa and grandma, because there is a circus in town and they went with him. He was delighted and told us, he even touched a real snake. I did some little household jobs around the house, bought paint for the nursery, etc.

And now I will go and have do some quilting. Have nice evening.

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  1. I absolutely love those shoes, I wish they'd fit me!!!!

    Thank you for signing up to the russian doll swap, can you let me know your address - my email is katyejones at hotmail dot com

    thank you!!!


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