Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mystery Quilt revealed

I can finally reveal my mystery quilt. All of our friends made a block for a love quilt dat we made for Mendi, daughter of friends of ours. She is in hospital with a case of TBC gone bad. She is 4 years old and loves pink as all girls do. She has been in very poor health, but is doing better and is expected to leave hospital tomorrow.
The boys and I visited her on saturday in hospital and she look much better but is still very weak, so we hope she feels a bit better underneath this lovely quilt.
I am so proud that all our friends made a block, even the ones that claim not to be creative. The back of the quilt looks like this, pink with fairies.


  1. What a lovely quilt & a lovely thought to do that for her thi sis my first time to your blog I gat here through the Quilt Bloggers site I see you are doing the Russian Doll swap me too!!
    Would lovw you to come visit me at my blog Congrats on the new baby due not long now!!

  2. what a darling quilt and what generous friends you have.
    I love the fairy fabric that you have on the back.
    I also found you thru quilt bloggers.

  3. How lovely.
    I'm sure your friends little girl will love it.
    I hope she gets better very soon.


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