Monday, June 23, 2008

No pictures

For some reason, my computer refuses to recognise my SD card... So I tokk some pics this weekend of my WIP, but I can´t show it to you.

It has been a productive weekend. I have almost finished the little boy doll for my son´s teacher which he can give at the end of the schoolyear, 4 days away.
I started my ´Dutch´ quilt, I have finished half of the top, so that is going well. I also crocheted some small matroyska dolls, so it was a productive weekend.

This is my last week at work. Thursday is my last workingday before my maternity leave. I have an appointment on July 2nd and then we will hear the exact due date since the gyno wants to induce labou two weeks early. But since my regular gyno is on holiday by then, I will meet this replacement on the second. I will keep you posted.

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