Saturday, April 04, 2009

Getting ready for Easter

I made these two bags for the boys so they can store the eggs they find tomorrow. Tomorrow we save an Easter brunch at DH´s work. The kids can egg hunt and afterwards there is a big brunch. So this will give them a headstart... I think not but OK, they think they will collect more eggs. There is no contest since all the eggs are collected in one big box, but it is the game that counts.
And look you joined us as well... This is one of two and maybe three turtles that found a home in our pond. None of them are ours, and we knew when we bought the house that there was one turtle in the pond, but last summer we definitely saw two turtles laying in the sun and DH also saw one in the water... I will try to catch the other ones as well to check if they came out of their hibernation OK or if we need a vet.

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