Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter !

Happy Easter, we have been staying at DH´s parents place in Holland since the kids stayed with them during the first week of the Easter break from school.
This morning we had breakfast with DH´ brother and SIL. As you can see, we had sandwiches in teh shape of a chicken and colored eggs, which the boys decorated.
Son #1 decorated the eggs and son #2 the box in which the eggs are stored, so it looks lovely. After breakfast we cleaned up and packed to go home.

But not before a drive through the flower fields. My FIL lives in the part of Holland where they grow flowerbulbs, and at the moment Hyacinths and what we call Easter flowers are bloming. The tulips are not yet blooming, so you didn´t have the typical red flowerbeds, but nevertheless, it looked fantastic.

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