Sunday, May 24, 2009

First drop for the Toy Society

Yes, I joined the Toy Society and made my first drop. I made a happy monster, gave it a tag and letter and off he went. I know, I am belgian and he was made in Belgium, but theis weekend we were in Rijnsburg, Holland, so I chose to drop him near the sea, since my husband comes from this part of Holland.
I dropped him in Katwijk, as you can see from the church in the background and he was left at a pole near the beach.
When I came back to check on him, he was gone, so I hope he found a good home.


  1. Margy, dat is een ongelofelijk mooi gebaar!
    Hoe geweldig !!!
    heb ik trouwens al gezegd wat een geweldige blog dit is? Ik kom hier regelmatig eens piepen.

    doe zo voort ;-)

    tot binnenkort!

  2. In navolging van jou, gaan FiloSophietje en ik binnenkrot ook een "drop" doen voor The Toy Society! Laten we samen Belgiƫ overspoelen.


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