Sunday, May 24, 2009

It´s a girl!

The Zoo of Antwerp is very proud of the birth of a little elephant. It is a girl and she is called Kai-Mook, what means ´pearl´ the same as my name, Margy.
She is the forth baby of her mother but they were all still-born, so this is very special. And this morning we went to visit the little baby. Since we have a year-pass we are allowed in an hour before opening, so it was still very quiet when we walked through teh park and you can see the animals getting fed.
We had to wait about 30 minutes before the doors were opened of the elephant enclosure, but this little baby was worth it, she is gorgeous and tiny.
Afterwards, we got ´suikerbonen´ which are traditional chocolate birth candies that are given here in Belgium when you visit a baby. It is nice to see that she is doing well and luckily it is a girl or otherwise she would have to move to another zoo with more space. Because they don´t have males in Antwerp since the zoo is rather small since it is a very old zoo.

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  1. congratulations mama elephant!!!


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