Saturday, May 30, 2009

You may kiss the bride...

Tomorrow I have a bachelor party and they asked met to make something so that anyone can see who the lucky girl is. And since I had a very busy week at work, I kept it simply, but I think you can´t overlook who the bachelorette is... Do you?

That reminded me that I forgot our 7th wedding anniversary this week... I rest my case, I had a very busy week and so did hubbie, hence, we did nothing, not even go out to diner. Oh well, next time better.
Today son #1 passed another swimclass (Congrats!), so next week we can sleep in because he is in a higher class that starts at 10.00. That is a relief until son #2 starts his lessons in September at 8.30... then we spent all our Saturday morning in the pool...
Afterwards we drove to Katwijk in Holland to visit friends that celebrated their little girls First birthday, then we had something for lunch with other friends and their two girls and then we all went to the next birthday of a big boy that turned three. He celebrated his birthday on teh beach, so that was great fun for all the kids and their parents.
We cut the birthday festivities short since son #3 is teething and he was enoyable, do I need to say more?

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