Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cupcake swap #1 arrived

The first cupcake swap parcel arrived yesterday. It is from Catherine of Mollycupcakes.

She made me some wonderfully handpainted pegs and kitchen utensils, and a lovely little frame.

Also a little egg cosy and some cards. Thank you very much Catherine> Since she told me that my parcel also arrived, I will show you what I sent her.

This was my first attempt to make a tea cozy and I think it worked out well. I also crocheted some cupcakes, a pair of cupcake earrings, some napkins, a cupcake box and a dutch kids magazine and finally a handcarved cupcake stamp. I hope catherines likes the goodies I sent her.


  1. What nice things you sent and received!

  2. I love them sweetie and can't thank you enough for them. I have now popped it on my blog. Some items are not in my photo because they have already been used lol
    Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with yor dad's 68 birthday, many happy returns to him.
    Take care.
    Catherine x


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