Wednesday, November 12, 2008

First day of school

Today was Peter´s first day of school. But as you can see, no problems there. This pic was taken this morning when we just arrived at school. Alreay playing with the big boys, that is the good thing of having a big brother...
He did fine although I got a bag of laundry this afternoon... still not completely potty trained... Hopefully he makes the ´click´ when he sees all the other chlidren.
He aslo does not eat fruit, and that is compulsory at school, but we never managed to get Peter to eat fruit, unlike his brothers... And the teacher had to ask if it is OK to give him appelesauce. Because that is the one thing he eats, but she thought that it is not allowed to gve to the chlindren... strange but OK, if it is school policy.
We will see how tomorrow goes.

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