Sunday, November 23, 2008

Snow!!! + update

Update: This is most snow we have had in years, in a couple of hours there is about 10 cm of snow. So Nic and I couldn´t resist making a snow man. This is us, just two hours ago with our snowman. I can´t remember when the last time was we were able to make a snowman in our backyard. Great....

It started snowing yesterday, but it wouldn´t stay because the ground was too warm. When we droven back from the Sinterklaas party in Holland, yjere was no snow, but once we crossed the border into belgium the snow started. Just before our exit we saw a carcrash on the passover of the highway.

But when we left the highway for home, there must have been a big car crash on our passover because it was closed for traffic, and there were ambulances, fire rigs, etc, so it must have been quite bad. We were the third car behind the crash and after five minutes we realized that this would tke some time and we turned around and found another way were we had to cross another passover which we did very carefully.

ANd now it started snowing for real. We will see what the situation is tomorrow morning. For these parts, it is very early for snow, and some winters we don't even get any snow, so this is great for the kids.

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  1. wow.. we barely every get snow here.. M and I call our town the Donut Hole, as if there is snow everywhere else in the Midlands gets it but us.


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