Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sinterklaas at Haffmans

Sinterklaas arrived two Saturdays ago and he paid a visit to DH work yesterday. Our kids loved it (as did all the kids) and I want to give my appreciation to the employees that made this event possible.
They split up all the kids into groups and one group at a time they talked to Sinterklaas, the other groups did games to get their 'Pietendiploma' sort of diploma to show that you can walk on a roof, do funny danses, now how to put presents down the chimney, etc.

In the aboven picture Peter is playing a game to show that you can walk on a roof with a heavy bag with goodies.

Here Sinterklaas shows Nic's 'wish list'. He cut out pictures of toys and glued them on a piece of paper. So now Sinterklaas knows what to get hime when it is his birthday.
When all the kids finished talking to Sinterklaas they got their presents form the Zwarte Pieten. Nic and Peter both got Playmobil and Ruben a soft toy. An afternoon well spent.

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  1. Oh how lovely! Looks like they all had lots of fun.


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