Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas preparations

Friday was the last day of school this year and the boys wanted to dress up. Since they are going to an uniform school, dressing up is what you see on the picture above. They both looked cute, they had a great time. And now they are on holiday.
Normally I also would have these two weeks off, but because it is soooo busy at work, I was asked to come in on Monday, so I will visit two more clients and then my holiday starts.
Peter made this christmas tea lite, which looks great and we will lite it on christmas night. I am very proud of him, in those two months that he is going to school, he is doing very well, except for the potty training. For some reason he still is to late telling his teacher that he has to go to the toilet. Are there any mums that have tips?

My mum made us this wonderful christmas table decoration. She also made us a wreath for the frontdoor. She is so great with flowers and plants.
My dad on the other hand is fantastic with glass and he made this father christmas glass decoration. It is a lamp, so at night we turn it on.

Myself... I haven´t been that creative, it has been so busy at work, that I came home late a couple of nights and the other night I am too tired to do anything... so, nothing to show from me.

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  1. I love your dad's glass santa lamp! He is very talented. Calum is not very organised with potty training either, but what helps him is that the teachers take them to the toilet mid-morning so he doesn't have to remember to ask to go. I guess Peter is just enjoying himself so much he doesn't want to break off to go to the toilet!


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