Sunday, December 07, 2008


This is how Peter came back home on Friday. He made a Sinterklaas hat and was very proud of it, so we had to take it with us to Holland.
My PIL had planned a whole 'thing'around Sinterklaas, my FIL knocked on the door and threw candy through the letterbox, so the kids were convinced that 'Zwarte Piet'was in teh neighbourhood.
When they walk to the back door, this is what they found, lots of presents...

The boys both got a big box but inside was only two cookies. On the outside there was a poem that said that they had to search the house for the presents, so the hunt began...
They ran screaming through the house looking for clous (not sure I spell this correctly). But finally there were the presents hidden in a broom closet.

Then it took opa and aunt Marijke two hours to put the playmobil pyramid together... but then the playing started. Nic with his Egyptian playmobil and Peter got all sort of police vehicles from Playmobil.
I got a nice book about decorating children´s rooms and a new rotary cutter, mine was broken.
Yesterday we went skating with some friends of ours. They had the greatest thing to learn how to skate, a pinguin as you can see on the pic.
Afterwards, everybody was tired and we went home, the kids were watched by my PIL and we went to dinner at some friends, who made us a delicious home cooked diner.

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  1. wow - what a great time you all had!
    i've only just heard of sinterklaas & zwarte piet this week as my cousins wife is dutch - i love the idea of having your shoes filled with sweeties(candy)!!!
    loving all that playmobile too!
    my son has the pirate ship - hours of fun!!


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