Wednesday, December 03, 2008

How hard is a child´s head?

This morning DH was tying his shoes and son #1 crawled on his back. This seamed like a fun game to son #2 and he tried to climb on his brother´s back, but the lost their balance and both slammed into our coffee table with their heads. The result can be seen here:

As you can see, they were impressed but more about the broken glass than their hurting their heads. After a short outburst of crying, a DH that called me in panic and lots of icepacks, all was forgotten. Especially since Sinterklaas came to their school this morning.
What shall I say: boys will be boys?


  1. ah, boys have special skulls, made from Iron. It's a little known fact but I am sure it's true ;)

  2. ouch!!!
    luckily little boys heads are normally slightly harder than anything they can hit with them!

    i can't recommend arnica highly enough to all the mother's of little boys out there!

  3. little boys heads are normally stuffed with rocks.. thats why they don't hear thier mothers tell them things until we scream blue murder. :o) poor coffee table.


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