Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy birthday

My dad turned 70 today. 70... an age I never imagined my dad to be. Grandparents are 70, not your parents, althougth offcourse, they are grandparents... The picture is how I remembered my dad as a kid. He was always in his atelier making things out of wood, staircases, toys, etc..
Yesterday we had a nice lunch with family and friends at the Troubadour in Antwerp for his birthday. Lunch was great and a nice atmosphere, the kids behaved, wonderful day.
So dad, happy birthday and we hope to celebrate lots more.

Today we had a walk with the kids at the Kalmthoutse Heide. OK, it was cold, it was the first real cold day and the walk was a bit long, so we went to friends of ours, to have a nice lunch and some hot coffee.
The boys climbed in every tree they could as you can see. Even the small one...

And yes, I am used as branch carrier... All the ranches they want and don´t want to lift themselves... yes, that is why we have mum.

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