Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sinterklaas at DH´ s work

Sinterklaas visited DH´s work, so offcourse were invited. But as you can see, son #3 was not sure what to think of Zwarte Piet being so close to him.
Son #2 was not shy at all and wanted a picture of himself with Sinterklaas, so Sinterklaas gave his full coorporation.
The kids were very happy with their presents, so we has a fun afternoon. Son #3 evently walked out with Sinterklaas, so luckily we saw that he ´escaped´ with the Zwarte Pieten. The older boys were worried that Sinterklaas was taking their little brother back to Spain (that is what happens to nauthy children), so luckily this was not the case and I could get son #3 back in the parking lot.
I have been crafting, I am making a table cloth with some decorations. I will make some pictures and show you all, later this week.

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