Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sint Hubertus

Today we celebrated St. Hubertus in Brasschaat. It is the ´official´ opening of the annual hunting season. Although there is almost no game here, only small animals, like ducks and hare. It is a tradition to christen the dogs and horses. As you can see in the background of the picture, there is a priest that christens the animals. So everybody with a horse or dog comes and a lot of people come to watch the scene and be amused, by the people that have not enough control of their animal. We say two horsemen fall of their horse, because the animal was nervous, so always fun to watch. Some animals are beautifull decorated and some are working animals as you can see on the next picture. This horse is the mascot of the Brasschaat Fire department and she pulls a fire engine from the beginning of 1900. Every year she is there and she is the first horse, so she opens the whole spectacle. I think we have pictures of all our kids as babies on her back.

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