Friday, August 17, 2012

Berthe and the European Space Center

Yesterday evening we promised son #2 that he could stay up to see the ghost of Berthe. She is a ghost that lives in the castle of La Roche. She was killed by the fiancee of a knight that died in a tournement for her hand. He too was killed by his fiancee. And the legend tells that she comes out to haunt the castle every night during the summer.

 You can see Bethe on the right on the castle walls.

This morning we made a picture in front of the house with only my family, my cousins already left.
So we decided to visit the Euro Space Center.

The boys liked all the space stuff and son #1 even did a moonwalk with one of those specials machines.

 I though the space center was interesting but I missed a part where they show the future of space exploration, so it was a bit dated, I expected more information about our near future, what are new techniques, what can we expect?  But still, the visit was worthwhile.

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