Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rijnsburg Marina

We saw an advertisement for the Rijnsburg Marina and thought it would be a fun idea to rent a boat for the day, so we did and had a great day.

You cant go more dutch than cows, the dutch flags and one of the arks that you encounter everywhere. We had a trip through Leiden and the Kaag, Noordwijk and Katwijk and then back to Rijnsburg.

Offcourse I took my crochet on board...

It was a day well spent, if you are in the neighbourhood, a trip that we can recommend. A trip through the canals of Leiden is very nice, and there are restauants and cafes eveywhere you go. We had lunch on a small artifical beach where the kids could swim and play in the playground. We also picked up my SIL and our nephew to have a trip to Katwijk for some icecream. 
And we ended the day with a BBQ at DHs cousin. So we got everything out of this tuesday.

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