Tuesday, August 14, 2012

La Roche en Ardennes

 This morning we decided to have a walk to the village with the kids. And as soon as we arrived at the main square, they saw the little tourist train, so I said we could ride it, so all kids aboard and we all got a cap, which we needed later on, as it was very warm and sunny.

 After lunch we walked to the castle where they have a bird of prey show, so we took all the kids with us and told them to stay down as the birds flew very close over our heads.
They started with a small bird and they got bigger and bigger.

Grandpa volunteered to have the bird walk over his back, but it turn out that a volture has no claws, so it doesnt hurt when it walks over you.

And when we left the castle grandpa and son #1 had a bow shooting contest.

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