Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Parc à gibier

 Today we drove to the nearby wildpark of La Roche en Ardenne. We were one of the first people to enter the park, and all the animals were standing near the fences, so it was obvious that they were expecting food.
So after a couple of minutes the van of the park drove up and the guy that was in charge of the feeding asked the kids if they wanted to join him feeding the animals. As you can see, they enjoyed themselves.
The two eldest kids were allowed to enter the cage of the fox and handfeed it some chicks. They were very impressed of this magnifisent animal. I also didnt know that he burries his food and then immediately comes back for more, now I know why the kill the entire henhouse...
They were also allowed to handfeed some eggs to the racoons. As these are animals we dont have in the wild, they were suprised how sensitive they are with the paws taking the eggs from them.

After some pancakes we drove to the local river and spent some time on the bank of the Ourthe. Unbelievable how they can stay in this icecold water...

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