Wednesday, August 08, 2012


Tomorrow is my last day at the department where I worked for 8 years, so I guess that is a very good reason to make some homemade pies.
But as DH and I are on a low carb diet, I made some low carb blueberry muffins, so that I can at least also eat something when there is cake and coffee at the office.

I also made a summerfruit pie which is very easy and very tasty. I will put the recepy on my blog later.

And as you can see, son #1 helped very well, he likes to bake and it is never a bad thing to interest boys in preparing diner and and making cakes and pies, is it?

This is the result of the muffins. Offcourse we tried them with a nice cup of coffee this evening.
And I must admit, they tasted nice for no sugar, low carb muffins.

And finally I made an upside down pineapple pie. I didnt make a picture because it is still in the oven. But it is a proven recepy, I made it before and it always tastes great.

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