Sunday, January 25, 2009


I bought this crochet magazine in Austria. It came with another German magazine called Lea, also a crochet magazine.
The reason why I bought it is because I love the crochet rug in the picture. I looks really neat and I wanted to know how you can make it.
Looking at all my magazines I realised that I haven´t heard from my subscription to Sew Hip. I received the first issue without the present, and haven´t heard from them since. So I contacted the subscription Manager and she responded very quickly and ensured me that something must have gone wrong since they are already at issue 3. She will resend the magazines so I can´t wait to see all those lovely patterns.
So great service from the people at Sew Hip Magazine!
This weekend I have been working on my Cars quilt for Peter. Teh back turned out bigger than I thought, so I have to look for a solution for my front part, since I don´t have enough black and whiet chequered fabric. Will have a look at the market to see if they have a matching fabric.

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  1. Oh that looks an interesting magazine I will have to see if I can find one some how good crochet mags are few and far between in the UK.


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